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TIP FROM DR. D -- DoI Need to Wash My Face Every Day? Is That Really Necessary?

 It came to our attention during early focus groups that there are men, who having escaped the acne years, are no longer washing their face every day. We will skip any talk about the “ewww” factor and explain why nightly cleansing is a critical, if underrated, part of your anti-aging regimen.

Throughout the day your facial oil traps dirt, microbes, pollutants, sweat, allergens, and
dead skin cells that can be irritating, causing inflammation that results in blotchiness
and unwanted changes in skin texture. Applying skin products to an unwashed face further traps these undesirables, contributing to the free radical damage associated with collagen breakdown and wrinkles.  For the ingredients in Bosq Younger to penetrate and work their wonder, your skin must be clean!

In a perfect world, you would also wash your face each morning to remove accumulated oil, saliva, and any microbes or debris that may have been picked up from your pillow. This step is especially important if you are applying Bosq Younger twice a day, as recommended. You should not, and do not need to, wash your face more than twice a day.

Perhaps you have heard that cleansing your face twice a day will “strip” your skin, actually causing irritation, and have chosen to simply rinse with water. Unfortunately, this practice is insufficient to remove the damaging grime and pollutants. There are many good quality gentle hydrating cleansers available that are tolerated by even dry, sensitive skin types. You may have to try a few to find one that leaves your skin soft without feeling tight.

In addition to choosing the right cleanser, the mechanics of cleaning your face are
important. Overly aggressive scrubbing with a washcloth or brush is not advised. Cleansing wipes also are not wonderful because of the chemicals they contain and residue they can leave behind. The best practice is to keep it simple with 20-30 seconds of gentle washing with lukewarm water, your cleanser,
and clean fingertips. Apply the cleanser in a circular motion, being sure to cover your whole face. Then rinse and pat dry – no rubbing – with a clean, soft towel. You have mastered the first step toward healthier, more youthful appearing skin!