Many factors influence skin aging. Our genes are made of pre-set DNA sequences that control aging. But did you know science now confirms that our environment and behavior can affect how those genes are expressed? Epigenetic science tells us we have control over how we age, and even reverse aging. We live in truly exciting times!

Men's skin is different from women's skin and ages differently too. Men’s skin is thicker, has a greater number of pores, and, as a result, produces more sebum, a natural lubricant. While that can often mean oilier-looking skin, the good news is that more sebum means signs of aging often appear later in life for men. The downside? The wrinkles and dark spots that do set in with age are much deeper set once they do materialize.

Our skin has two distinct layers: the epidermis, which is the outer visible layer, and the dermis, which is the underlying skin tissue that supports and buttresses the epidermis. The epidermis is the face’s outer barrier that protects the skin from damaging environmental assaults such as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation and pollutants. The dermis, the inner skin layer, gives our face its strength, resilience, and elasticity.

Over-exposure to the sun, stress, lack of sleep, and an unhealthy diet generate free radicals that break down the collagen in the dermis and inflict damage on the overlying epidermis. As the years go by, the cumulative effects can result in sagging skin, bags under your eyes, facial wrinkles, and sunspots -- all classic signs of aging skin.

The key to combatting the signs of aging is to take proper care of yourself and your skin on a daily basis. This is why it is important to use skin health products like Bosq Younger, which is specifically designed for men

Bosq Younger is a two-part skin health protocol that combines a topical gel and oral supplement. We formulated Bosq Younger with nature's most potent antioxidant to help restore the health of skin damaged from the effects of the sun, pollution, poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyles, and the leaden march of time.

Bosq recommends these best selling books to add to your reading list. They should open your eyes to the exciting new science of reverse aging! Dr. David Sinclair heads Harvard Medical School's Biology of Aging Research. Sergey Young is founder of the Longevity Vision Fund which invests in technological and scientific longevity breakthroughs.

“Lifespan: Why We Age -- and Why We Don’t Have To,” by David A. Sinclair, PhD
“The Science and Technology of Growing Young,” by Sergey Young